How long will it take to receive my order?


  • PLEASE REFER TO OUR HOMEPAGE BANNER FOR CURRENT SHIPPING TIMES. As soon as your order is complete it will be shipped immediately. Once shipped, you will get an email confirmation and tracking number. Most, if not all packages are shipped through USPS. If you run into any issues with your package, please contact the carrier before contacting me as it is out of my hands. If your package is lost or stolen, you must contact your local USPS and file a claim. Of course, if something happens you can absolutely email me and we will work something out. Many of our products are one of a kind so if it does happen to get lost, I may not be able to give you the exact same product as replacement. 

Do you accept returns?

  • Since each product is handmade, I cannot accept returns. If you are unhappy with your product or it comes damaged, I will happily replace your order. If this is the case you may email me. If they come damaged I ask that you take a photo so I can replace your order! *PLEASE NOTE: I will only replace your product within the TWO WEEK period of you receiving the item.*


How do I take care of my jewelry?

  • To properly care for your jewelry, it is best to avoid contact with water, cosmetics, hair spray, etc. They should also not be bent. Our clay earrings are durable but can be broken if they are not treated with proper care.
  • FOR PIECES THAT INCLUDE BRASS COMPONENTS: Pieces with brass should not be worn in the shower or swimming. To clean them, I suggest a non- abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild soap and water. Make sure to dry completely before storing. If your jewelry is really tarnished, you can use a mix or baking soda lemon juice, and water. 
  • Jewelry WILL tarnish over time, there is no avoiding this, so these are the best ways to properly care for all of your handmade pieces.

How do I clean my jewelry?

  • You may use a damp cloth or baby wipe. Avoid using rubbing alcohol.

Will your jewelry bother my sensitive ears?

  • We only use materials that are hypoallergenic and Stainless steel. Gold pieces are 18k or 14k gold plated. 

Clay Cutters:

How do I care for my cutters?

  • Our polymer clay cutters are hand drawn and designed. They are 3D printed with a .2mm- .3mm cutting edge to minimize sanding time.
  • Our cutters are meant to be durable but please refrain from extreme pressure.
  • To clean you may use a baby wipe or wet cloth.
  • NOT dishwasher safe (They will melt.)

Helpful Links for Other Businesses:

Where to get custom packaging?

  • To get custom packing tape, boxes and so much more, check out https://www.packm.com. They offer a large range of sizes for custom boxes. This is where our packing tape is from.

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